A Different Kind of Clean

Dallas Midtown Cleaning | Our Approach

Dallas Midtown Cleaning was founded by property owners and managers, so we understand the role that a cleaning company should play. The performance of our staff will have a direct effect on your brand image. That is why we place such importance on finding the right employees that will take ownership of the property and perform consistently above expectations and giving them the tools necessary to perform at a high level. We also understand the role cost plays in daily operations, which is why we strive to provide the best possible outcomes for the best possible cost by leveraging our overall size to provide economies of scale that couldn’t be achieved by a single property.

We also understand that decisions and actions need to happen immediately, so we place more of the authority at the local level to alleviate the bottlenecks that often occur with many larger companies with multiple managers.

A Different Approach

We don’t believe in the industry-standard “one-size-fits-all” approach to property maintenance. We want to be more than just another contractor.

Our goal is to become an invaluable member of your team. We make this happen by tailoring our services to your specific property and values.

A Different Result

By becoming valued members of our team, our employees take great pride in themselves, their company and the property for which they are responsible. The result: A different kind of clean.


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